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Magnets may be used for accelerating blood circulation, helping with different ailments relating to the blood and cardiovascular system.

Anisotropic (high powered) hematite magnets increase blood circulation, oxygenate blood and organs, block EMF / ELF radiations, accelerate detoxification, relieve stress, increase energy, relieve muscle tension, increase healing, balance, and grounding.

Each Amulex piece include anisotropic (high powered) hematite magnets, precious metals and fair trade gemstones. Regardless of the design, all of our amulets positively affect the wearer’s bioenergetic fields; these energy fields surround and penetrate the human body; improving blood circulation, mental clarity, and overall mood. Also, accelerated blood flow will aid in faster healing by oxygenating the blood, detoxification, balancing endorphins and reducing inflammation.


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