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High Quality, Ethically Made, High Vibrational Amulets. Magnetic Hematite & 100% Fair Trade Gemstones.

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Magical, handmade amulets are nature-powered and inspired.

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Featured Cord Amulets

Our Cord Amulets feature Powercord® high quality elastic 1mm stretch cord that is latex free and returns to its original shape after stretching. 

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About our materials and principles

Amulex Highlight's

Hematite Magnets

Hematite translates to "blood- red stone" due to the high iron oxide content and the red nature of the stone. Hematite is thought to support the circulatory system, aid iron absorption, and boost overall vitality and strength. Characterized by its magnetic and metalic properties, known for promoting grounding, balancing energies, and providing a sense of protection,

Fair Trade Gemstones

We practice sourcing fair trade gemstones because we believe in equal pay and fair working conditions. All of our gemstones are fair trade certified from our supplier and we are happy to offer them to our customers in our handmade amulets.

Italian Silver

All of our sterling silver beads and findings are made in Italy. High quality sterling silver and craftsmanship.

Eco Friendly Packaging

All of our packaging is eco friendly certified and recyclable.