• Amazonite


    Keywords: Balance, Truth, Calm, Emotional Healing, Strength, Communication, Relaxation, Insight, Joy, Inner Peace,... 

  • Amethyst


    Keywords: Humility, Battle Of Mind And Spirit, Undisciplined Thought, Meditation, Transformation, Transmutation, Life... 

  • Anklets

    Our Cord Anklets: Made by hand with high quality anisotropic hematite magnets,... 

  • Aquamarine


    Keywords: Simplification, Voice, Higher Self, The Ocean, Courage, Speech, Experession, Throat Chakra,... 

  • Blue Apatite

    Blue Apatite

    Blue Apatite Keywords: Psychic Abilities, Strength, Inspiration, Clarity, Knowledge, Physical Healing, Higher Self, Sense... 

  • Bracelets


    Our Clasp and Cord Bracelets: Made by hand from high quality hematite magnets, metals, and fair trade... 

  • Charoite


    Keywords: Individuality, Activation of True Life Pathways, Heart/Crown Chakra Communication, Soul Path, Service,... 

  • Citrine


    Citrine Keywords: Abundance, Deserving, Responsibility, Self Confidence, Personal Power, Creativity, Knowing, Clearing,... 

  • Copper


    Learn more about Copper Here  

  • Cord Amulets

    Cord Amulets

    Our Cord Amulets feature Powercord® high quality elastic 1mm stretch cord that is latex free... 

  • Fossil Coral Agate

    Fossil Coral Agate

    Keywords: Change, Support, Healing, Strength, Grounding, Protection, Cleansing, Creativity, Tranquility, Ancestral Healing, Telepathic Communication  

  • Kyanite


    Keywords: Alignment, Universal Mind, Spiritual Development, Healing, Higher Communication, Throat Chakra, Original Thought, Starchild,... 

  • Labradorite


    Keywords: Freewill, Creation, Manifestation, Focus, Mental Scatter, Life Purpose, Akashic Records, Extraterrestrial Communication,... 

  • Lapis Lazuli

    Lapis Lazuli

    Keywords: Realization, Voice, Throat Chakra, Empowered Expression, Purpose, Wisdom, Mind And Spirit Unity,... 

  • Lepidolite


    Lepidolite Keywords: Conscious Feeling, Thoughts and Feelings Balance, The Reaching of Goals, Decision... 

  • Malachite


    Malachite Keywords: Clearing, Cleansing, Emotional Healing, Hidden Process, Solar Plexus Chakra, Healing Path,... 

  • Moonstone


    Keywords: Mother Goddess, Divine Feminine, Emotions, The Moon, Lunar Energy, The Ocean, Cycles... 

  • Necklaces

    Our Clasp and Cord Necklaces: Made by hand from high quality anisotropic hematite magnets, high quality metals and... 

  • New Amulets

    Newest creations inspired by nature to bring you magic and joy. 

  • Rings


    Our Sterling Silver and Cord Rings: Made by hand from high quality anisotropic hematite... 

  • Ruby


    Keywords: The Spiritual Warrior, Self Trust, Passion, Strength, Courage, Ancient Information, Empowerment, Vitality, Life... 

  • Sterling Silver Clasp Amulets

    Sterling Silver Clasp Amulets

    Our Signature Sterling Silver Clasp Amulets: Made by hand from high quality sterling silver beading wire and... 

  • Tourmaline


    Pink Tourmaline Keywords: Gift of Love, Unconditional Love, Heart, Past Attachments, Endocrine System...