Amulex's purpose is simple – co creating amulets that help raise the wearer's bio energetic feild. Amulex™ is passionate in co creating high vibrational amulets that work with the wearer in protecting, healing, and raising the wearer's bio energetic fields.  

About our Founder Alef Dey

American, Californian based founder Alef Dey is a self taught jeweler and designer with over 5 years of experience. Alef is inspired by nature and how we can heal and grow with nature. Alef is on a mission to bring the highest quality amulets through Amulex™. 

About Our Practices: We work on ethically sourcing our materials to ensure our pieces are made responsibly. 

Fair Trade Gemstones

 All of our gemstones are fair trade and are hand cut / hand polished by experienced artisans. 

Eco Friendly Packaging

 Our belief is safe packaging doesn't need to be toxic or damaging to the planet. All of our pieces are packaged in our custom Amulex™ boxes that are FSCI certified.  


Our amulets are made to order by hand with lots of love and attention to details. Each amulet is unique due to the nature of the materials.  


Made with Love, from our hands to yours.