• Keywords – The Lunar Path, The Moon, The Goddess Self, Cycles, Expression, Emotions, Fertility, Feminine, Voice, Pathway of Isis.
  • Meaning – Silver is a white metal that has been since associated with the moon. The association to the Goddess and all she represents is an ancient one and still to this day is renowned for the feminine vibrations et holds. Silver's energies are cyclic, flowing, cooling, gentle and mothering life a calm ocean. Silver opens the Goddess path in self, cooling and balancing excessively masculine attitudes, harmonizing emotions and facilitating clear and well ordered communication. 
  • Chemical Composition – Pure Silver
  • Color Rays – 99% Silver and 1% Black
  • Animal Totem – Wolf
  • Essential Oil – Myrrh


  • Keywords – Opportunities, Physical Healing, Cleansing, Self Discipline, Higher Self, Inner Peace, Communication with Higher Realms, Grounding, Alignment with Higher Self
  • Meaning – 
  • Chemical Composition –  Cu
  • Chakra Points – Root, Heart
  • Color Rays – Brown
  • Animal Totem –
  • Essential Oil –