Amulex™ uses anisotropic magnetic hematite beads in all our creations. Anisotropic means: the magnetization is exclusively in the specified direction property that confers a preferred direction on the spin of a system.

    Put simply, this results in a stronger magnetic field for you and a heightened connection with Mother Nature.


    What else can magnets do for you?

    Magnets…promote stable and rich blood flow, more oxygenation, and greater energy throughout the body. 

    Magnets…boost your metabolism, endorphins, and accelerate your body’s waste elimination. When your body gets rid of unwanted toxins, eth heals more quickly and produces natural pain killers. 😊

    Magnets…block EMFs from outside sources, e.g., cellphones, “tell-lie-vision”, computers, microwaves, and radios. Our quality anisotropic magnets help raise the wearer's natural magnetic field, giving more strength to the organs, and repelling low-vibratory energies.

    Magnets…improve your mental health. By adorning yourself with amulets by Amulex™, chronic stress & anxiety can be a thing of the past.

    Magnets…reduce swelling and enhance your immune system. They balance endocrine function, and improve the body’s anti-infective processes.

    Magnets…improve collagen density in and around the joints. They have been studied and proven to heal bones and relieve joint pain and stiffness. Imagine freedom from aching wrists and fingers, right at your fingertips.

    Amulex™ amulets positively affects the wearer’s bioenergetic fields; these energy fields surround and penetrate the human body, as shown in the image below.


      Are you ready for great blood circulation, mental-clarity, and increased well-being? As you can see, our strong hematite magnets will support you and your loved ones in all stages of your life’s journey. See what’s new at
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