Before we begin, remember…

Prior to and after doing any of our restoring rituals, we recommend that you place a positive intention or palil(prayer) over your amulet(s). By doing this, you will keep your gemstones sacred, imbue your very own unique energy signature, and maintain the highest vibration possible. 

-Alef Lex Dey™ Jeweler & Founder, Amulex™  


Place your amulet(s) in a safe area, where the sun hits directly for 1-3 days. The sun will cleanse and recharge your gemstones.
Certain crystals should not be in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. These are: Amethyst, Aquamarine, and Opal.
Place sun sensitive gemstones in a completely shaded area for 1-3 days. If you still notice color fading whatsoever, try one of the following rituals instead.


    Place your amulet(s) in a thin, wrapped cloth, under direct moonlight. This is preferably during a full or new moon, for at least 1 full night, and up to 4 nights.

    You may also observe the current astrological alignments, so the cleansing and charging of the amulet(s) resonates most with your intention.

    Place the amulets in a wrapped cloth or inside of a thin bag. This requires an area in your backyard where the sun and moon will shine for most of the day and night. Also, you will need a 1-foot (30.48cmt) hole. After putting the cloth or bag in, cover the hole with earth and allow the amulet(s) to rest for 7 days. This ritual is especially good for restoring the magnetism of hematite magnets.

    Create electric water. To do this, you will need a large glass jar with a lid. Fill eth full of fresh water, cover, and energize eth with the sun, earth, and moon elements for 7 days. Speak positive affirmations to the water daily, which will imprint high vibrations into the crystalline structure of the water.  
    When you are ready, place your amulet(s) into a bowl of your choice. Pour your electric water over the gemstones and let them soak for 1-3 minutes. Clear the water out and pour more fresh water on the amulet(s) to finish the ritual.  
    Finally, dry your amulets fully with a clean microfiber cloth, to provide a polished look and an amazing feel.

    Use repetitive sounds of bells, tuning forks, drums, chimes, and/or tingshas (aka Tibetan cymbals) This is for the purpose of cleansing and recharging as well, since everything in life is vibration. Continue playing until you feel the amulets are energetically cleansed. 


    Place your amulets on top of a selenite slab, sheet, or wand overnight for 1-3 days. At Amulex ™, we love selenite, because this is one of the few minerals that do not absorb negative energy. This ancient, crystallized salt vibrates with purity. You will feel the aura of the amulet to be lighter, and radiate more positive energy.