Care and Storage

Remove your jewelry when:

showering, swimming, sleeping, exercising, applying cosmetics, perfume, oil, or moisturizers.

This will prevent any unintentional damages to your gemstones and/or metal beads.


We recommend cleansing your amulets regularly. Hold them under flowing lukewarm water for 30 seconds. Pat dry and polish the beads with a microfiber cloth. Allow to fully air dry. Your amulet(s) may benefit energetically from this as well.

(kyanite and malachite are especially sensitive to water, avoid getting gemstones wet). 😊 


If any sterling silver or copper beads have naturally oxidized, simply use the FREE microfiber cloth that came with your order, by gently rubbing the beads until fully polished. Next, hold your jewelry under running, lukewarm water to remove any residue. Pat dry and polish the beads once again with your cloth. Let the amulet(s) fully air dry before wearing.

PH level:

Certain people experience color-changes or oxidation of their jewelry due to more acidic body oils and perspiration.

Amulex™ is not responsible for returning or exchanging pieces if this is the case. By request, we can offer resources for achieving a more alkaline state, but we cannot guarantee results.


We offer one FREE deep cleaning per year on ALL purchases. Simply send us your amulet(s) carefully packaged via USPS. Reach us at for details.



We lovingly package all orders into our signature Amulex™ boxes, perfect for safekeeping when traveling or gifting to your loved ones.


For daily storage, we recommend laying your amulets flat in the Amulex™ boxes or a jewelry dish. Additionally, a low-humidity environment and free-flowing air is optimal for your amulets.



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