Lemon Water 101

Lemon Water 101

Lemon Water Nutrition Facts

  • Lemon water derives from 2 ingredients commonly found in every kitchen. You guessed right, water and lemon juice. Lemon water is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Lemon water contains protein, carbohydrates, and sugar. Lemons are a great source of vitamin C, also containing smaller amounts of vitamins like riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B-6, folate, thiamin, and vitamin E. The minerals found in lemons are iron, magnesium, phosphorous, calcium, potassium, and zinc. All these important nutrients present in lemons make lemon water an essential component for multiple benefits to people’s daily life.

Benefits from Drinking Lemon Water Daily

  • Drinking lemon water is beneficial to everyone expect for those allergic to lemons. Lemon water intake should be daily for anyone trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Compared to other carbonated, artificially sweetened, and flavored drinks in the market, lemon water is a much healthier alternative. Lemon water not only leaves the body rehydrated, but also aids bodily processes such as digestion, detoxification, and rejuvenation systems.

How to Prepare Lemon Water?

(Lemon Water 3 Ways: Recipe's)


Detoxifies the Body

  • Lemon water helps cleanse the entire body by reducing the toxins in the blood. The nutrients found in lemons promote the removal of waste materials as well as toxins. Lemon water acts as the natural diuretic, which increases urination for faster detoxification.

Skin Care

  • In taking lemon water daily can help rejuvenate the skin. Rich antioxidants and well-known anti-aging properties of lemons make them a beauty skin care favorite.

Improves Digestion

  • Lemon juice promotes the production of hydrochloric acid and bile secretion, which is required for digestion. Lemon juice also reduces the risk of acidity and gout. People commonly suffering from digestive issues like abdominal cramps, bloating, burning, sensations, and excess gas should drink lemon water and use lemon juice regularly. 

Improves Liver Health

  • Drinking lemon water may help active digestive enzymes present in the liver. Lemon water can also help in regulations oxygenation of the blood.

Relives Constipation

  • Warm lemon water is useful for curing constipation. Drinking warm lemon water every morning to get relief from constipation for the rest of the day is suggested.

Boosts Immune System

  • Citrus bioflavonoid, vitamin C, and phytonutrients all found in lemon water help improve by strengthening the immune system. Lemon water helps increase overall energy levels in the body because of the essential vitamins and minerals presence in lemon juice.

Helps in Weight Loss

  • Drinking lukewarm lemon water with raw honey every rising may help people lose extra weight easily and much more healthy.

Relives Canker Sores

  • Looking for relief from painful canker sores or mouth ulcers? Lemon water can help. Rinsing your mouth with lukewarm lemon water can help provide relief immediately.

Anti-carcinogenic Properties

  • Drinking lemon water may also prevent cancer. Research studies suggest that lemon contains antitumor properties that may help reduce cancer risk.

Lowers Stress and Blood Pressure

  • Lemon water has the ability to lower blood pressure while providing relief from stress, depression, and anxiety. Drinking lemon water also conveys a sense of relaxation, resulting in lowering stress, anxiety, and depression.

Balances pH

  • One glass of lemon water will help to alkalize the entire body and balance the pH level of the body. Many diseases and conditioning are linked to the acidic body state. Maintaining a alkaline state in the body is important for optimal health. Eating a variety of alkaline foods and drinking lemon water can help bring the balance back to the alkaline state.

Relieves Sore Throat

  • Drinking warm lemon water may provide relied from a soar throat. 

Prevents Kidney Stones

  • One of the major healthy benefits of lemon water is the ability to treat and prevent kidney stones. Lemon water helps rehydrate the body and keeps the urine diluted. This reduces risk of kidney stone formation in the kidneys. However, in case of severe pain and discomfort from possible kidney stones, you should speak with a doctor or your medical choice.

Reduces Calorie Intake

  • Lemon water is a great drink to rehydrate and energize the body without adding dangerous levels of sugar. Especially for those that are diabetic or who intend to lose weight without consuming extra sugar. For those that don’t like the flavor of plain water, try adding a few drops of lemon to plain filtered water to enjoy the the flavor and benefits.


Buy and Store Lemons

  • Lemons can be found in most local markets, or even a neighbor’s backyard. Choose lemons that are thin skinned and do not have dull yellowish color or green spots. Dull yellow and green spots indicate the lemons were picked premature and haven't fully ripened. Avoid lemons that have wrinkles or do not have finely grained texture.
  • Lemons should be stored away from sunlight to avoid pre-maturing. To store lemons for longer periods, it is advisable to store them in a refrigerator.
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