How Eye Meditate

Coming from a toxic and polluted lifestyle to a clean and clear lifestyle required minimal life changing behavior. In my opinion, one of them was mediation. Meditation allows one to just BE. Entering a space of limitless intellectual creative potential. The simplicity of meditation (breathing) is unmatched. Exercised correctly to the core, realized I Am Amor = 13Love
Fast and purposeless lifestyles can lead to stress, anxiety, and even depression. These types of senseless and you only live once lifestyles can often lead to other dis-ease's manifesting in different parts of our being (Mental, Emotional and Spiritual). To avoid low vibrations be diligent in discerning right from wrong. Be patient and sharp in the mind. Move in silence but with the force of an army. Ask yourself 3 times and feel what your heart is saying. 
In my opinion, meditation is hearing our inner darkness to bring back the inner light or information (light codes) stored within our DNA. Nature is all about balance, so remember to hear to know how to steer.  
Mother Nature is divine intelligence ready to help those adapt to any situation if you're truly serving HER. By simply changing the way we intake nutrients (eat), we begin to change how we think. By changing how we think/thought patterns, one begins to take action/movement. Remember anything stagnant is dying. Meditation is a natural state of being requiring only practice and mastering of the breath. Frequent meditation begins to grow awareness like a seed sprouting from the soil reaching for the heavens aka Sun/Son of Amma Mama life bringer to ALL. Eye meditate with my high powered magnetic hematite spheres on my head to electrify, magnify, ground, heal and raise my being up!
An easy exercise anybody can do at home is holding one magnetic sphere on each hand. This action simply gets blood flowing from the hands to the chest area, accelerating blood circulation and healing process, grounds, blocks radiations and raises magnetic field. Eating natural plant based foods help with the detoxification of years of pollution. Check these trusted businesses websites for more health information or to support:
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