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Ka Knight Bracelet

Ka Knight Bracelet

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Details and Materials 

Our Ka Knight Bracelet is intended to help align and clear the chakras, balance bio energetic body, healing and protection against EMF radiation. 

  • Anisotropic Magnetic Hematite Faceted Round Beads
  • 8mm Blue Kyanite Gemstones
  • Sterling Silver Beading WIre
  •  8mm Sterling Silver Beads
  • 8mm Stelring Silver Neodymium Clasp
  • Sterling Silver Crimp and Cover Beads
  • Length Pictured: 7 1/2"

Kyanite Keywords: Alignment, Universal Mind, Spiritual Development, Healing, Higher Communication, Throat Chakra, Original Thought, Starchild, Calming and Patience, Peace of Mind, Dreams, Intuition, Dyslexia 

Kyanite Chakra Points: All

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